Why choose us?

Ballmatic is a brand who focus EXCLUSIVELY on the production and sale of professional dough rounders for pizzerias and bakery workshops.

The basic idea is a revolutionary idea which has the aim to conquer the whole industry of dough preparation for pizzerias and bakeries!

The product has an innovative high-performance technology with at the same time a simple mechanic to the point of having all the maintenance and control operations executable by ANY electronic technician! 

Using our dough machine you will be able to significantly reduce the time and human efforts that ball preparation entails.

Moreover, here at Ballmatic, we want to export the distinctive features of Italy such as food and design, so we offer the possibility of customizing the machines, with colours chosen by the customers, thus making them match the style of the respective laboratory.

“Ballmatic is the perfect union of usefulness, convenience, and aesthetic,
once you try one of our machine you won’t be able to go back Fabio Caliari,
founder with 20 years of experience in the industry of catering equipment

Made in Italy Made in Italy

We believe in the quality and strength of Made in Italy, indeed our projects are completely designed and realized in Italy. Our technicians' continuous imprint guarantees a quality product that is always up to date.

Technology Technology

The offer of last generation machinery is one of our strength: the reduction of fatigue, timing and errors with respect to human effort guarantee quality and result on the final product.

Experience Experience

Ballmatic has been founded for a few years, but his founder benefits of more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, especially in the sale of catering equipment! His and our mission is exporting across the world the peculiarities that distinguish Italy: food and design!

Be an artist with ballmatic
Make pizzas is easy, make it good is an art!

Not only for professional:
Our dough machines are so easy to use that anyone can become a pizzas artist.

Not only for professional:
Our dough machines are so easy to use that anyone can become a pizzas artist.

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