Machine for pizza and bread balls

Ballmatic1000 Deluxe

Standard Voltage
220V 50 HZ monophase
0,37 KW
Workable piece of dough
from 20 to 1000 grams
Machine weight
75 KG
  • Screw Conveyor covered in non-stick Teflon
  • Special Voltages 110V 60hz monophase (USA and Canada)
  • Special Voltages 240V 50hz monophase (Australia)

Ballmatic 1000 De Luxe custom dough rounder for pizza and bread dough is made using a very simple mechanism. This is to make it usable not only by professionals in the sector and above all to make the maintenance of the machine possible by any electronic technician, all this without giving up an innovative technology capable of offering high-level performance.

Ballmatic also offers the possibility to customize each machine based on the colour the customer prefers, in order to obtain the design effect that best suits the individual laboratories.
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